Jack's Base Community Growth Campaign

We're giving away never before released Merchandise, USDT, Jack's Base Genesis Membership Passes and a 1 of 1 music NFT!

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Stack up and get to the top of the leaderboard. The higher you reach, the higher the chances of receiving a top tier reward!

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What exactly could you win?

Dark Matter Tier

The top point earner will receive 500 USDT!

Diamond Tier

The top 2nd point earner will receive an unreleased music NFT single (1 of 1)!

Gold Tier

The top 3rd, 4th and 5th point earners will receive exclusive, not-for-sale Jack's Base merchandise!

Random Tier

15 random point earners will receive a Jack's Base Genesis Membership Pass as an airdrop (with all 5 point earners from the above tiers receiving one too!)

Current Leaders

jame 400 points jame
nmacario 3 points nmacario
scottwater2 1 point scottwater2
scottwater3 1 point scottwater3
scottwater10 1 point scottwater10